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About us

Our Mission

  • To provide top quality automotive service to keep our esteemed customers on the move from wherever they are to wherever they so desire; with or without their personal automobile at an affordable cost.
  • To make automobile ownership affordable and tailored to customers’ personalized needs and choices.

Our Auto Rental Traded As Focus Auto Rental!

We Focus on Customer Satisfaction and value for money. Our fleet has arrays of different classes of automobiles - compact cars, mid-size, full-size, luxury, SUVs, Cargo Van, and Mini Vans.

Our Vehicle Services:

We wish to introduce you to our new improved automotive services tailored to keep you moving at the least cost. In these present times when the cost of vehicle maintenance and even the cost of taking a taxi is high, we at Focus Auto Rentals are committed to providing you affordable car rental service starting as low as $24.99 per day with no credit card necessary. Our complimentary services which include the Auto Sales, Auto Detailing, and Repair services make us your one-stop-shop for most of your automotive needs.